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Can steroids exacerbate viral symptoms?

This might be a bit of a random question but I had a nasty flu-type virus at the weekend and beginning of this week, still feeling pretty rough but yesterday decided to try going back to work and the asthma decided to kick in. I had to start on steroids as usual but, although the asthma has improved a bit, I'm actually feeling a lot worse, my whole body has started aching again which it had stopped and headaches back with avengence etc. It might be pure coincidence but is it possible that the steroids had that effect? I'm meant to be going away tomorrow to Lyon for a long weekend for our 1st wedding anniversary and really don't want to be ill!!! I'm staying home again today and have got myself a Drs appointment in a couple of hours time so we'll see what he says too just wondered if anyone else has experienced this type of thing?

love Fi x

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Hi Frenchfi

Hope your docs appointment helps.

I don't know if steriods exacerbate viral symptoms. But from personal experience having an infection, flu and then going back to work I got reinfected. Think cause immune system is low and so can't fight another infection. I had flu then got pneumonia, then kept getting infections with pluerisy so had to stop commuting to stop getting germs from people coughing and sneezing without using a hanky etc - urrghhh, sorry commuters get me angry. Since then no chest infection (fingers crossed carries on) for last couple of months.

I have recently had blood tests which show low immune things (sorry forgot the science) and this can be due to constant pred or hereditary. But think pred only does this if you are on them a lot.

Think we are all different and am sure other people will have different experiences etc.

It sounds like your virus hadn't gone and is still lingering.

Not sure if this helps. But hope you feel better and manage to get away on hols for your anniversary:-) and have some nice rest:-)




I sometimes get terrible joint aches while taking steroids, particularly when I start reducing. Particularly in the hips.

I think this is actually quite common. I hate taking the things, but recognise the benefits.




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