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pred absorption

is it possible (well most things are) to find that pred given in different forms some work better than others. was in a and e last week and had iv steroids and managed reasonable pf following day yet now bk on oral stuff last week had white ones then off for 3 days now bk on red am finding that diff is not as noticiable like am just about manageing 210-220 in am rather than the 250 i got after iv steroids and nebs and at night am top hundreds if lucky. is it that iv steroids reacted better to me than oral stuff as have never found that predmakes much diff at all to quality of like or am i just awkard (the answer is not yes)LOL

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Hi katharine,

some people don't absorb pred very well, however most don't have a problem with it. Sometimes switching to another oral steroid can help. The other thing to consider though is the dose that was given, and what else was given alongside it - often in A+E the dose of steroid is relatively high, and if you got nebs at the same time then they would have contributed to increasing your pf.

Worth a chat with cons about though.



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