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Feel Guilty as doc was nice

well after fighting for week after nurse clinician at gp's wanted to send me in and me being silly subbon self with boss on back for sickness levels refused went in vis minor inj last night who reported that they were sending me to a and e(not a happy bunny). after much sitting about and a couple nebs and doc came and decided that wanted gases(yuck). At least when she said she would try not to hurt and i told her that it was when they moved the needle once it was in that it hurt she listened and when missed came straight out and had another attempt (strange a doc in a and e that listens) and told me no one had ever told her that before. Anyway really wanted me admitted for magnisium but refused cause having a few work probs due to sickness levels with chest at mo but feel really guilty as doc really did her best and really didn't want me to go home. Guess have never really appreciated how docs must feel when you self discharge and they concerned. nurse wasn't best pleased after cannula came out she just gave me piece of tape to hold gauze on and said right you can go.(oh dear). Well got tel con with prac nurse this am as tried to get con appt brought forward and told have to go through gp so will have to confess i suppose - another telling off which i know i deserve.

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Hi Katharine, I hope you are feeling better and didn't push your luck too much and regret not being admitted!! Whilst I have to admit to not going to my GP surgery as early as I perhaps should when things start to go down hill. If I get to the point of needing A&E there's no way I'm not doing what the doctors and nurses say. It's just not worth the risk . I hope you can find a way of making your boss realise that your health should come first - may be occupational health could help?

Take care!!


Hi Katherine, first and foremost, what has happened has happened, history! You can't change it, but you can use the experience and learn from it. Way too many times in the past, I have been awkward and the only one who has suffered is me. Please don't do this to yourself again, as apart from the physical risks you are running by not acknowledging A & E's staff offers of help, the mental guilt trip you are currently on isn't worth it. As for the work issues endeavour to sort it, talk to your GP and tell him/her if you haven't already about the problems, and get the GP on board. And finally look after yourself, because at the end of day you are the only one who can. It has taken me too many years to learn this, so please don't waste any more time.


whoops went back in in early hours of fri am. servbes me right i suppose for not stopping 1st time. although sats were naf at one point did pick up and escaped after seeing a and e con on ward round who just wanted to know if i wanted to go home. silly man of course answer was yes. think maybe learnt lesson as although wasn't too bad went in on blue light 1st time which when roads clear at 3.30am and u still go through red lights can get tad bothered. anyway back in work again took fri as A/L so didn't have to take sick leave again but miffed as have had pred on 40 now since week last wed tho hoping to try and reduce to 35 at the weekend. fingers crossed.


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