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how do people manage to get off pred have been on reducing dose since feb admission but every time get down to 15 chest kicks off and end up normally at gp whop puts prwed back to 20 but this last weekend ended up with another admission so back on 30. am hoping that when i see new con on tues next week they may have an answer maybe to increase inhaled steroid or retry uniphillin. aagh i need to work to pay mortgage.

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Hi Katherine,

I have the same problem. As soon as I go below 20mg my lungs go crazy. How slowly are you reducing your pred? I am unable to reduce mine at the mo as am realy unstable. In the past I have been advised to reduce my pred by 1mg every 3 days, this did help. Was also advised if this didn't work then reducing by 1mg a week. it is a lengthy process but did help.

I am also on uniphylin, which i hate taking but does work for me.

Hope this helps

Carolyn xx


Hi Katherine;

I am finally down to 2.5mg and this has taken three years to get this far, dont make it your aim to get off pred make it your aim to have your asthma controlled as best as possible for you, when you get it controlled for a while then the reduction will become easier, but dont make it your focus else it will feel like it is going on forever.

Take care




I am finding it really hard to get off pred too.....I have been on them since May last year, and evertime that I get below 25mg I end up having problems and end up back in hospital. So the nurses at my Gp surgery get very worried when I get to this stage and they then start keeing an eye on me more than ever. I now have 25mg as a maintainence dose, which keeps me away from the horrid hospital and makes my practice nurses very happy.

I have oral steroids (Pred) and I also have nebulised steroids and my inhalers which have the steroid in them too....I am on phyllocontin.

I too need to work, but everyone keeps telling me that my health is more important than anything.

Hope you feel better soon


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