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sleep and ventolin

has anyone else ever found that if they are struggling in night and need few puffs of ventolin to release chest that they sleep much deeper after. Am wondering if this is reason am so tired all time at mo or if its just that body objects to waking for ventolin in night, or if just that am so knackered after struggling all day in wrk that takes ages for chest to settle then when does just zonk?

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I actually find the opposite that if I take salbutamol during the night it makes me more awake and less able to sleep. If I take salbutamol at night I've normally had extra to normal during the day anyway and tend to be feeling a bit jittery. I feel tired most of the time but put it down to struggling to keep going. Could be you zonk out because you are so tired.

Take care



It depends how tired I am, If i've had a busy day then 2 puffs of Ventolin is enough to snarf me out for hours, as it's probably only difficulty breathing thats keeping me awake.

Alternatively when i'm wide awake at midnight and then take Ventolin I end up restless and hyped for ages *yawns!*

So yeah, i'm also shattered at the moment... but all I do is slack around the house and play on my laptop all day- if you dont sleep well or asthma keeps you awake most nights you're more likely to be tired.

Anyhu I'm off to the doctor soon for a review- I need sleep!

Good luck

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its the same 4 my son if he wakes up bad in nite with tight chest and has a couple of puffs he sleeps well after taking it so i think it depends on the person


Realise this is really old now but I have the same problem in that I've got bad sleep problems with mild asthma and I've noticed the Ventolin sends me off to sleep. Very interesting to hear people stories.


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