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weight gain and steroids

please someone correct me if i'm wrong as usual but i thought that taking oral steroids in themsaelves didn't actually make you gain weight only increase your appitite therefore you eat more and gain weight. how is it then that a week of eating salad, fruit and weight watchers yoghurt i have gained weight? not fair. how do you lose weight when on pred there must be a way. help!

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Remember you can put on weight depending on what time of the month it is. Also do I remember someone saying recently that they can make you retain water? Sometimes if your asthma is bad you are not moving round as much therefor not burning off as many calories. I find that at first I loose weight from coughing so much but then put a bit on.

Look at what fruit you are eating as some fruit can actually make you put on weight because of the way it is broken down in the body. Bananas for instance are very fattening if you eat more than a couple a week as they don't take as much effort to break down as other fruit does. Fruit with high water content like melon is good.



Remeber alot of weight gain with steroids is bloating and water retention.


Hi Katharine

Hope you're not feeling to down today.... I know it can be really disheartening, especially when you feel you've been really good. plus, I'm still on 10 mg pred a day at the moment... and am about a stone heavier than I was last November (my own fault for having no will power though)

just a thought... would a GI diet help...? I know I've read that pred affects the way your body reacts to carbs, and as a GI based diet can be used for type 2 diabetes, this might work?

I've tried it in the past and it has helped me to lose weight then (but I wasn't on pred at the time)...




One of my old cons told me when on pred even if you just drank water you still wouldnt loose much weight?

Ive been on high pred for 5yrs now and roughly put a stone on each yr!! the last yr ive been on the xenical and ive not had vast weight loss but i am 4lbs less than this time last yr, so its not working as in weight loss but it has stopped me putting on like in previous yrs. I find with the pred it doesnt matter what you eat? i can eat rubbish for a week at not put weight on or eat good stuff and put weight on? i dont know if thats just me but thats what i have found.

Andrea xxx


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