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What else could it be?

seen Gp this morning and she wanted to know if hospital had said anything to me about def dignosis of asthma as letters she has had not conclusive. what i want to know is does anyone else have any brainwaves of what problem could be if not asthma. at mo have low pf, coughing and tight chest. Not really breathless tho since started on flioxotide and lost am dip when started on singular.

any ideas welcomed.


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Hey Katharine,

I think you'll find a few people here on auk have had a change to their diagnosis of asthma, me being one of them. Maybe you should get yourself referred to somewhere like RBH and get it checked out? If only to put your own mind at rest, if its not asthma it could be anything, believe me I know. If you need anymore help or just want to talk let me ok? I'm on your msn I think :-)

tks xxxxxx


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