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difficult to control asthma

drs in their wisdom have decided that after 18 months my asthma is difficult to control so was wondering if any of you regulars had any super suggestions for me. just started 3/52 ago on uniphylin 200mg 2xday but can't say it seems to have done much. pfs still very naf even tho just escaped after 4 weeks in costa which was bit of a shock to me especially as spent a weekend on HDU. Is there anything i can do to help myself or things i should be asking con or asthma nurse for. Also on sick note dr has written exacerbation of asthma then under remarks difficult control under IX - anyone any suggestions as to what last comment means?

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ix is an abbreviation for investigation - so means that they are trying to work out why it is difficult to control.

sorry to hear you have had such a rough time. each person has different asthma and I guess it will take a while to get the right treatments for you. hope things get sorted fairly soon.



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