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down and fed up!

sorry, im probably going to sound really boring, repetitive and pointless just need to rant! my asthma has been really uncontrolled recently and im really struggling as im a single parent too. had an attack monday night. luckily my son was in bed. ambulance gave me a neb and i said i was ok so went to my gp the next day. on a course of steroids which didnt sort me out as well as they should have so ended uo in a&e most of yesterday and now with second course of steroids and been told i have a viral chest infection. trouble is i have and important week at work next week but dont really feel up to work but then i wont partcularly have a rest at home a i will have to look after my son as he gors to a work creche!!!! :-(

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Is there nobody, such as a grandparent, who could look after your son for a few days?

I sympathise. I have been ill for about 6 weeks with a viral illness/infection and my asthma is really bad and am on steroids too. Sounds like you probably need the rest off work as I tried going to work and made myself worse and was really ill all this week,almost passing out at work last friday

I think you should try and sort something out for a rest and be off work

There seems to be a lot of viral illnesses about just now that are messing people up. I've honestly felt like I'm never going to get better


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