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If you forget your pred

I take my pred when I get up each morning but if something intervenes like a child having a nose bleed I might forget and it is usually in the evening I am left pondering the ""did I take my pred"" question. I have brought a small diary which is by my pred and I am marking off that I have taken it along with a note reminding me to take my fosimax as I am always forgetting that one! I know you must not just stop pred suddenly if you have been on it for a long time at high dose but if I did forget would I notice not taking them in other way other than chest being bad, which can happen randomly anyway or would I feel no different for the 24 hours of the missed dose?


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you may feel lightheaded, achy and generally yucky if you forget - although I only get this if I have missed more than one dose. Generally missing one day shouldn't cause you too many problems, although if you do it often it would.

Hope the diary works for you - I am useless at filling in that kind of thing!



It took only 8 or so hours for me to feel horrendous & light headed etc.

I htink it depends how long you have been on pred for too! I am more or less dependent on it and adrenals are so naff too

I have weekly boxes that I make up with all my daily meds in - so I know If the box is full I haven't taken it! I very rarely forget.



Bex i am always forgetting to take things i have set up my phone to alert me at the right time to take the pills or inhalers and then i dont forget!!!!!!


Bex like kate says depending on how long you been on it, i once have a strop of im sick of asthma and meds so im not gonna take em!! i lasted till early evening when along with my chest playing up i had horrible withdrawel effects, lightheaded, painfull joints and muscle pains.

Andrea xxx


Right, that might explain why the other day I felt horrendous headache, lightheaded, sick I thougth I was heading for the flu. I realised I had not taken my pred about 10pm took them went to bed and woke up feeling much better. I was not sure if I had overdone it or if it could have been the missed pred dose. I am guessing a combintation of the 2.




I put my pred pills/bottle next to my electric toothbrush, so I never forget to take them!

Not good on diaries either, but am very good at making long lists of things I have to do each morning.

If I can manage a tick list of two or more by the end of the day I know I have managed an 'above' chalk line kind of day. Even if it is only about remembering to take my meds!



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