Mckinley Pump

You know how devices are getting smaller and smarter and you know how much we love carrying around the good old grasby pumps, I have spent a small fortune on bags that are just the right shape and size to carry the pump, from expensive leather to very cheap clearence bags and have amassed quite a few (40 odd). i mean if you are going to have to have a pump then you might as well make it look cool. I heard the RBH were changing their pumps I had visions of smaller, neater, better what I got was the Mckinley pump granted it has extra bells and whistles is more accurate and does not have that damned plastic black thing that held the syringe in place and snapped for a past time. But it is huge almost house brick sized and the batteries last all of 3 days (don't bother with the cheap ones they barely do a day) I am sure I will grow to love this new addition in my life and I perfectly understand why this pump was choosen looking at the research I would have made the same call. On the plus side I now need new bags and tell me what girl does not like going shopping for bags :) Oh yes the reason for this post, has anyone actually worked out how the pump bag supplied is supposed to work, cos no-one I have met so far has!



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  • Is it a grey zipped bag with a window and lots of straps & Velcro??

    I was given a bag like that many years ago and used it for all my spares! It has since fallen apart & now gone.

  • No its blue and bewilderingly has 2 straps one with a clip fasten and one without. People have tried and failed to work out how to wear the bag, it appears to be the most stupid design for a bag in the whole world. You can't pretend it is ia bum bag cos the strap is the top or bottom of bag so you end up with 8 inches of pump dangling around, the straps are not long enough to work as a satchel across the body type thing. Thankfully my mother is an expert at many things including bags so I will be showing her my new pump and getting her to run up some bags for me as I have failed to find one that fitted the pump that i like so far. As I have said the pump size apart is very good, no more mind blowing maths converting a syringe in mls to a driver that works in mm's. It can even cope with different breeds of syringe RBH use B&D down here we get omnifix the barrel sizes are different so the rate would be different now you just scroll through and select your brand of syringe. It also tells you how much is left in time and how much batterly life you have and it won't let you start an infusion unless there is enough battery to take you through the 24 hours. It really is a good pump and the oncology nurse who re-needled my port commented that they really are the dogs dangly bits of pumps its just they are so big!


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