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Itchy veins

This is going to sound potty but one of the veins that was used a couple of times at the RBH for amino and pot is still really itchy. It is not the area outside its is an itchy vien. I don't know if it is because it is right on the knuckle but it is drving me mad. I don't think it actually tissued (had so many I lost count) I think it just fell out cos of where it was (knuckle of index finger). Is this common and anyone got any bright ideas for stopping this maddening itch.


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hi bex,

I get itchy veins too!

Not sure why they itch, but may be just irritated... I think that varicose veins itch as well so may be a vein thing!

Try a bit of Steroid cream ( Eumovate) or e45 itch relief cream ( the only thing in the E45 range worth getting!)




Hi Bex,

I can't give you much of a medical explanation I'm afraid, but I get this too, especially after potassium. I presume some solutions just irritate and inflame the inside wall of the vein, as well as the surrounding soft tissue if any does leak out (and a small amount can do even if it doesn't seem to have tissued). I think the small veins on thumbs and fingers are probably just more sensitive. When I was in costa once and it was really bad they put ice on it which seemed to help. Otherwise the cream idea seems like it might be a good one, either hydrocort cream or an antihistamine cream, although if the irritation is on the inside of the vein rather than the skin or soft tissue, it might not help.

All this is presuming the vein is not hard, red, tender, hot etc, in which case it might be thrombophlebitis and you should see your GP. Not that I think you would ignore symptoms like that but just making sure!

Sorry I can't come up with something more useful!

Take care



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