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IV salbutamol

I respond fantastically to IV Salbutamol 5mg in 500mls starting at 120 mls per hour and reducing very slowly (over many days). Since starting to use this protocol I have not needed intubation once so it really does work. I am constantly told this is highly unusal I just wondered how many others there are out there who like me only really improve on IV salbutamol? Bex

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I have never been on it, always IV Aminophylline, I would like to try it though!


Hi Bex,

I usually have IV Salbutamol after IV Magnesium, although sometimes they try IV Aminophylline. (Both are written on my protocol)

I usually have 10ml in 500 ml of saline run at a max of 60 mls pr hr.

I usually reduce it over 5 days max if poss because my body becomes tollerant of it quite quickly over a few days. It is good stuff and it does kick in quicker than IV Ammo but I do find whith IV Ammo, once it has kicked in it works very well.



Kate, yes I also sometimes get amino as well. Interesting they can put 10mg in 500 cos you don't half wack through bags at 120ml in 500. I tend to go 120 - 90 - 60- 45- 30-15 so 5 to 6 days depending on if I stay on 120 for 25 hours or not sometimes I ask to reduce after a couple of bags.



I cannot have ventolin as Idon't show any improvement with it Ihave iv bricynal. When I go into hospital I have 25 amps in a 500ml bag of saline run over 80 mls an hour. Had some big problems in a&E depts that are not used to me. Even with a protocol from my consultant they still call him to confirm the large doses



I have IV Bricanyl if I I get a Dr who knows me but if its a Dr that isnt one who knows me then I get stuck with high doseages of IV Amino!

Last time I was on IV Bricanyl I was on it 2 and half months and the last 2 weeks were taken up on reducing it as my chest kicked up major hassle when coming off the IV Bricanyl!

Only time I had IV Salbutamol was a stat dose of an anaesthetist in A+E and it made me vommit worse than IV Amino used too!

But the IV Salbutamol did keep me from being tubed.

Now though I have to avoid Salbutamol in all versions as I simply dont respond to it anymore!

I even have to insist against ventolin nebs when I see green men lol!


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