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Type two brittle and eipens

heya people!

hope everyone is ok! i have had eipens pescribed for me for my type 2 brittle humdingers. i was in A+E recentally and a SHO asked my mum what set off my allergic reaction, but i don't have any allergies! had all of the skin test and IgE ect ect and nothing showed up. the SHO then went on to argue with my mum why i was laid in resus, that i would not be perscribed eipipens if i did not have anaphylaxis! so my question is, does anyone here have Type 2, no allergies and still have eipens??

that fact that he also augued that there was no such thing as type 1 and 2 brittle haha! so i didn't trust him much after that!

anyway thanks for your help again

yours, one wheezy rob x x x x

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Hi Rob,

I have epipens for a) my egg allergy and b) my type two brittle asthma attacks.

I have a mix of type one & two just to be interesting!

Adrenaline is a life saver for the real humdingers especially waiting for an ambulance. Perhapse the SHO should look up the groundbreaking work by Jon Ayres etc etc etc done in the 1980s & 1990s!

Though my cons doesn't lable it realy as 1 & 2 as mine is chaotic.

If the epipens work and keep you alive make sure you have them handy - I have 2 in my bag and 2 at home and use them mainly for my asthma.

Hope this helps - & Hope yu have recovered - PM me if you need a chat!

Take care




Hi Rob,

I have a mixture of Type I and Type II brittle asthma too, and no anaphylaxic allergies, and I have Epipens for acute attacks, initially suggested by Prof Jon Ayres, (who defined Type I and II brittle asthma, as you probably know) but now prescribed by my GP.

I have to say that I don't use them all that often, as I live very close to the hospital, and the adrenaline doesn't seem to make a huge amount of difference to my symptoms, except to put my heart rate up to an even stupider level than it already is, which can cause problems in terms of arrhythmias when I get to hospital and they put me on iv aminophylline as well.

Having said that, I wouldn't be without them, as I probably would use them if I was in a situation where I wasn't going to get to hospital as quickly, and my husband would certainly give them to me if I was unconscious or in extremis before the ambulance arrived.

I have had a few problems over the years with GPs being reluctant to prescribe them as I don't have any true anaphylactic allergies, but a quick letter from my consultant usually sorts that one out! Although I don't see Prof Ayres any more, my current hospital consultant is just as 'on side' regarding Epipens so he can sort them out.

It might be worth getting a letter from your consultant to show to A&E doctors etc, detailing your condition, treatment and inpatient management plan. I have found that it saves no end of trouble for conveying such vital pieces of information as, no, I don't always wheeze, and, yes, I do need IV amino even though I am on it orally.

Hope this helps

Em H


I have epipens for allergy but can also use them in a severe attack but i have strict guidelines as to when to use them and it is mainly because i live a long way from hospital.

I have used them in the past for asthma and noone has ever questioned it.


Hi I have epipens for my severe allergies/type II brittle because of the speed that I go frome being 'normal' to struggling but I do swell up too. Have to carry 2 pens all the time.


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