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Brittle asthma and oxygen?

Hi people!

i just need a bit of advice, i have had type two brittle asthma for about 4 years now. i had lung disease as a baby and it developed from that they say. i am on a range of medications and which swoop and change on a appointment to appointment basis. i am under a consultant at the royal hallamshire hospital at sheffield. i neb everyday 3 - 4 times with saline, salbutamol 5mg and atrovent 500mcg. i have a acute attack needing A + E about once every 2 - 3 months. i live in the middle of know where and it takes about 25 - 30 mins for the ambulance to arrive here. i have priority ambulance calls so they HAVE to send me one ASAP but that has not helped. Came out of ICU for the 4th time at the end of last month and my GP whats to push for me to have home O2. I have a pulse sats monitor at home and during an attack run at about 79 - 82%. i am a student nurse so i know what this means and how to cope with it, but i am look for some different opinions, maybe from someone with home 02, does it help? and is it worth looking in to?

hope ya all ok

rob x

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Hi Rob,

I have brittle asthma ( type one & Two!) and I have home O2 for two reasons

a) it helps keep me out of hospital if I am having a general rough patch (2 - 4 lts)

b) if I have a type two humdinger I can use it at high flow while waiting for the paramedics. It really helps me and it has saved my life. I also use epipens (adrenaline) for the really accute attacks.

I think it would be well worth your while asking your consultant about home O2 - you GP has already suggested it too. They will give you guidelines on when to use it too. I have small CD cylinders for portability and large ZH ones for at home. You may only need CDs for emergencies especially as you are living in a very rural area. ( ask for a few as the CDs only last 30 mins or so on high flow)

I hope this helps with your decision.

Take care



iya ob, i can reitterate what ate said as im the same, i use o2 ambulatory as sats drop on minimal exertion bu i also have concentrator for same reason and large cylnders for resue when need to neb off and high flow while awaiting amb or if parents take me in the car due to brittle asthma.. Gp wouldnt advice if didnt think necessary and as you have sats monitor and sensilble head i dont think you would abuse it but it may help your attacks getting as severe before get to hosp?

I usually go by mums taxi as quicker but this time was too sudden so called amb and nothing turned up!!! good job had o2, cant bear to think what would be like if didnt!!

Andrea xxxx


Hello all!

thankz so much for ya comments and opinions, my GP is going to try and bring my consultant appiontment forward from the 15th of may if not that he is going to order the O2 himself. so we'll see how we go!

thanks again

rob x



I am brittle type 1 but for good reasons for me they will not give me home O2 but I understand why for me that is best!

Like Kate though I use adrenaline injections (anapens - same as epipens just a different design) for humdingers as where I live we have a first responder on duty 24/7 but no two men crews locally and if its busy u can be waiting too long in my case (even 5 mins is bad at times for first responder then over 30mins for 2 man) and I was wondering whether its worth you asking about them at your cons appt!

They have saved my life many a time as well for anaphylactic allergies but for the humdingers there is nought better in my case!


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