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Dressings for subcut


I am currenty using softsets for my subcut bricinyl, however I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that the dressings they come with (opsite I think) are not withstanding a bath or shower and they fall off meaning 9 times out of 10 I accidentally end up yanking them out, when they would have lasted several days longer if I hadn't pulled them out. I have tried putting tegaderm on top which helps a little but is not great. I was wondering if anyone could suggest any other dressings I could investigate that might withstand the water better.


Libby x

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Hello Libby,

Try Durapore tape. Also, if you can get them try softsets with the disconecting bits so you don't have long bits of tubing swinging around in the shower.

In the mean time, coil up the tubing - use a bung and take the syringe off if you don't do already (Being disconected for 10 minutes won't harm) - and then tape the whole lot down to your skin. I used to do this when swimming.

More or less any tape is going to get soggy but some stick better than others.

Transpore tape is another one. Mefix is good too and comes in sheets.

You can also tape extra over the top of the softset too!

Hope this helps



Hi kate,

Thanks for the advice, I will ask doc about trying some of that tape. I do disconnect from pump and bung the end when I shower, but never thought of taping the hanging line up, good idea. Unfortunately I don't have the ones where the line disconnects, I sometimes have silloetts and you can disconnect them so there is no line for when you shower etc. I prefer them but my hospital have only been ordering soft sets recently, although I am going to ask cons about silloettes when im next in clinic. It can be a struggle etting the local hosp to get soft sets or silloettes at all as they are rather reluctant!

I saw your post on camping about your DLA christmas bonus, I goot mine last Friday, it was £10 as well, I thought it was quite funny lol!

Thanks for the help

Libby xxx


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