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25mg Pred tablets


I have recently had my pred increased to 40mg from my maintaince dose to try and help get me through a cold, but i'm at present in another hospital as I explained in another post for an eating disorder and since its been up I have been given 1 25mg tablet and 3 5mg tablets. At home i have only ever had 5mg tablets, even when my maintaince dose was 30mg.

Its so much easier than taking 8 5mg tablets, just wondered if anyone else has got or had them and just wanted to inform people that they exist because i didn't know.

Does anyone know if its a new thing or have i just been unaware of their existance?



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I have had 25mg tabs before but dont use them now as i need them to be enteric coated and from what i was told(or is it the hossie trying to save money?) they dont make the 25mg eneteric coated.

Given your situation i would have thought that they would have used the enteric ones and given you 8 x 5mg as you said.

Hope they have helped and take care?

PS sando k = YUCK!!


I have had the 25mg pred tabs, but I find them difficult to take as they arent enteric coated and it can usually take me a few seconds to find my water lol so it goes very bitter. So Id much rather have 8x5mg enterics that 1x25mg and 3 enterics 5mgs lol. Unless they come up with entericly (sp) coated 25mg ones!!!


I have been quite happy gobbling down 25mg pred before. Though I have to make sure it is on a full stomach to prevent any side effects eg after breakfast.

I have been told there isn't much difference between the coated & uncoated regarding stomach problems - I found I can't take the generic coated ones because of the colouring.



I used to have to avoid the enteric coated pred when I was younger as my eczema was very severe and at times required hospitalisation, so anything that was remotely colourful had to go! lol I didnt have my first tube of Smarties til I was 11!



As others have said, the 25mg tablets have been around for a while but aren't available with an enteric coating. Basically you can get 1mg, 5mg and 25mg non-enteric coated, and 2.5mg (brown) and 5mg (red) enteric coated.

Kate's right that there haven't actually been any studies that have shown any difference in the rate of gastric complications with enteric or non-enteric ones - giving enteric to try to prevent gastric symptoms is purely a theorectical benefit. Having said that, it is as always an individual thing and a case of what works for you!

Personally I do think that I get more indigestion with the non-coated ones, although it could be psychosomatic! The non-coated ones certainly don't taste very good if you are a bit slow with the water! The only time I have non-coated ones is when I have 1mg tablets when attempting a very slow reduction.

I'm sure, though, that if you prefer the non-coated 25mg tablets, Libby, your team will probably be happy to prescribe them in future if you ask, given that there is no actual evidence that one is better than the other.

Take care

Em H


I cant take take either sort as apparently neither of them absorb unfortunately I have to have soluble.Although easier to swallow-providing you put them in as little water as possible as the taste is yuk.But still get heartburn etc.

Am awaiting an anti reflux operation hopefully next week providing my severe brittle asthma behaves itself!! You must all know what I mean about that.Am being admitted a day before to ensure can be ok for op.

Thin line between white and enteric coated pred if you dont get gastric probs then go for it

Keep well



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