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Adrenal Insufficancy

I had some blood tests done recently and 1 of the was a short synacthen test and I was told by the doctor that this showed my adrenal glands are lazy. I am having a repeat test in 2 weeks time having left my seretide off for 2 days although I am informed by the AUK helpline nurse it will not be out my system by then. I have 2 questions the first being I need to take seretide to be able to breathe and this will always be my baseline so what is the point of not taking it for 2 days before the test? My second question is how will they treat the adrenal insufficancy and what impact will this have on my life? I would just like people's own experiance as I am obviously seeing the referring doctor when I have repeat bloods done and will ask for a specialist referral as this diagnosis came out the blue and is quite worrying as my sister has full blown Addisons Disease which is when your adrenal glands stop working completely. If anyone is suffering from adrenal insufficancy and can tell me how it affects them day to day I would be really gratefull.



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Hello Tabs,

I am a respiratory nurse specialis with children we do this test & provide support for patients who have been found to have adreanal suppression. However, this is relatively new to us all & each area will do things differently but I agree that not taking your seritide for 2 days in neither here nor there so if I was you I would sugggest you contact the consultant or team who manages your asthma & ask these question to get it straingt from the horses mouth as the dr who is doing the test may only be doing the test if you see what I mean i.e. does not have the full picture.

Don't sit & worry even if you leave a message with the secretary who should get someone to get back to you as you are so worried

Good luck



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