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I have not posted here for a while but was looking for some advice. I am a uk student currently in New Zealand for a year as part of my degree course. Since arriving here 2 months ago I have had 2 ICU admissions. I was discharged yeasterday but the latest admission proved that IV access in me was a nightmare. My consultant here has referred mt for a porth a cath however they were unsure yesterday how the cost of this would be covered. I have travel insurance and there is a recipricol health agreement between here and home but they are not sure if this is seen as elective or essential? Any ideas? The medical team see it as essential as without IV access they can not treat me.


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Hello Steph, I can't really be of any help with your post here but I just wanted to add something that maybe of interest? I have visited NZ many times now as we have plenty of family out there. On each visit my children who have asthma always worsen. When we've seen the doctor out there he says it's very common for UK asthma visitors to end up at either the doctors or the A&E a few days after arrival, and then need increased doses of their usual medication.

It would be great to know why this happens??

Hope you stay well and enjoy your time there, it must be a great adventure for you.

Regards, Jane. (mum of two asthmatic boys)


Hello Steph,

Sorry your having a rough time in NZ, I hope it ins't wrecking your studies.

I have also heard NZ is bad for asthma. (Ditto the Falklands if you stay there any lenght of time, though I think it is due to the grass pollens there etc - I was OK for a couple of weeks as the air is so pure)

Regarding a port. If it is essential, in effect to keep you alive, I would think it should be covered by your insurance hopefully as well as the reciprocal agreement etc. (Not sure what it will do to your premiums next time you take out cover..) But check with either the company or an independent advisor.

Do you still have contact with your cons in the UK? May be worth contacting them and get the two parties talking about your care etc.

Anyway, please take care & check out the penguins in the south if you have time!





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