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Flu Jab


I am in New Zealand at the momemt doing a work experience placement for a year as part of my degree. At home, I have quite brittle asthma but here it hasn't been anywhere near as troublesome here, I think it is because so far it has been summer. I have been asked by the place where I am doing my placement to have a flu jab on 15th April. I am quite happy to have it as always do at home but I am returning to UK in Junn so will be offered it again in October as the UK winter approaches. Can I have 2 in 6 months?



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as far as i know no you can't, you have it once a year as it puts the flu in you, i think maybe if you had to much in you it may be a bad idea?? maybe call one of the asthma at asthma uk they are great!

yes i find being in other countries also make the asthma etc.. better, english weather eh?!



Hi DD, good to hear you're having a good time over in NZ!

I have a feeling this rather depends a) on ""seasons"" and b) on what strain the NZ jab is preventing against. I'm not sure how the seasons in NZ compare to our seasons over here, so, for example, the jab they are offering now may be ""last years"" i.e. the one you would have had in this country over the winter just gone. Similarly, it may be of slightly different strains compare to the one in this country - may be worth discussing with a local epidemiologist, if there's one around!

I can't imagine you would come to any harm by having the two, as it would simply attenuate your immunity.




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