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Sharp Bins Abroad


Myself and my friend are going away to France on Wednesday and we are flying with easyjet. I have a 2L sharps bin which i was going to take with me to discard sub cut stuff in. However, it is quite bulky. A friend from church today gave me a small rectantgle sharps bin that she no longer needs from when she was having ivf. It is a better shape and fits in bag easier but the problem is it is not big enough to discard a weeks worth of syringes in. It is big enough for ampules, needles, and infusion sets. Basically my question is do I have to have the used syringes in a sharps bin when I come home or can i just put them in a tolietry bag andd put them in my big bin once i am back? Any advice would be great as not flown with sub cut before

love a very excited steph xxx

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Hi Steph,

I would think it would be ok to collect them and dispose of them when you get home - I don't put mine in a sharps bin anyway, they go in an orange bag cos they aren't sharp.

The other option is to see if you could get a sharps bin there or even take one with you and take it to the hospital for disposal.

Hope you have a good time though.



I have quite often just put the pointy things in the sharps bin and stuffed the syringes in a bag to dispose of at home afterwards.

Have a great trip!

Bon Voyage!



PS how's the thumb?


DD, I have a rectangle sharps bin I keep in the car they are ace, i just empty mine into the big bin and wash it out every now and again! Agree just put your actual sharps in the bin and keep used syringes in a wash bag or something and dispose of them when you get home. Have you a letter from your Dr about your S/C cos you really should board the plane with 24 hours worth of supplies in your hand luggage in case your bag gets lost. You will need to call the airline and find out what to do as that bag will contain ""banned"" sharps. You should also check with your airline about your neb and that they are Ok with you flying with it.



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