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Sore Leg

I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me. Since being in costa for 15 days which was 3 weeks ago my left leg has been aching constantly. It hurts at the back just below the knee and I am limping with it. After being kept awake with it for the last few nights I decided to see the GP. He has given me co-codomol to take and told me it is muscle wastage due to not being allowed out of bed for 5 days. I thought it might be to do woth pred or sub cut but gp didn't seem interested. I have taken some co-codomol earlier tonight but it has had no effect. Was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

Steph x

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Is your calf muscle tight? Try a calf stretch - stand in front of a wall with your good leg bent and back leg straight (lunge position). Place your hands on the wall and lean forward, ensuring your back heel is on the floor and your foot is pointing forward. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat twice. Try this 2-3 times a day and see if this improves things.


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