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Portocath and Adrenal Surpression


Apologies for the random post but after an admission I am too tired to do 2 separate ones. I went to have a synacthan test yesterday and was sent down to a and e yesterday as was a bit wheezy. I don't think it was the test just part of a downward spiral but was not ill enough to go straight to a and e at that point and didn't want to pay to see GP who told me last time would just send me in.

Anyway I was admitted over night and while there discovered my portocath doesn't work. When it was inserted at the start of December it was 3 inches in the vein now it is an inch out according to my chest xray. I am being referred back to the surgeon for removal and wondered if this hurt?

Also the test showed my adrenal glands weren't functioning properly. The result was 83 and discharge note says it should be 550? I am confused and wondering if anyone knew what this meant?



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on adrenal suppression

hi steph

Your results are low and they will possibly treat you with steroid replacement - hydrocortisone. However when i was diagnosed i was having symptoms of adrenal suppression and my levels were 13 in the am and 9 in the afternoon which is very very low. It was only after 2 days they decided to treat my adrenal suppression as my adrenals were not making much attempt to produce costisol. Your levels are low but they may start you on a low level steroid replacement to help your adrenals out or may see if they pick up by themselves obviously whilst watching that you are not symptomatic of low costisol.

Hope this is helpful im quite tired due to lack of sleep at mo so really hope i make sense to you. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Take care and good luck lv kat Xx


hi steph

ive had 3 ports removed now it dosent hurt they give you a local and u wont feel a thing! mine were even badly infected so u expect it to hurt more but it was ok and very quick.. hope all goes well xx


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