Was just wondering if any one had ever been advised to take Mg for cramp? At my last con appt about a week ago I was told to try taking this twice daily to try and relieve some of the awfull cramps I get which the con thought where to do woth the meds (proberly symbicourt he thought). I really struggle when I have to double the symbicourt dose and although I can then sleep through the night sometimes as regards my chest I am oken up by aggonising cramps and screaming in pain!

Just wondering if anyone had any advice of experience with this?

Thank you


mouse x x x

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  • Hi mouse

    I have suffered from cramp in legs and feet at night for years. It is always worse when I have to have increased medication for my asthma. My GP prescribes Quinine for me and it is very effective though I don't need to take it all the time.

  • Mouse I take qininne I was told it has build up effect and that you need to take it all the time and that it can take a couple of weeks to build up in your system. I don't know how much it helps I still get cramps but I am not about to stop taking it cos if they are worse without it I don't want to know!


  • Thanks for the replies. I think I will ask the Dr for quinne (sp sorry brain asleep!) next time I see him as Mg dosen't seem to be doing much for the cramp. Bex what is the name of the med if you don't mind so at least I know what Im asking for (u can message it if easier?). I also found it very hard to find just mg on its own in the chemist, there loads of things with Mg and Zinc or Mg and Vits! I never thought it would be so hard to find just plain Mg. Pharmacist told me to ask for it on perscription from dr!

    Hope you are both feeling okish atm, Bex I hope the lungs have calmed down a bit, is it freezing cold in Devon atm? I am home for the holidays and it just warm and damp tonight

    Love and hugs

    mouse x x x

  • Hiya Mouse,

    Quinine sulphate 300mg and I take one a day.


  • I get cramp as well (and it was such a comfort to find out it's not just me) - but it's been a lot better since I started eating a banana before bedtime, something I read on this forum.

    I've also started taking Vein-Vine Red Vine Leaf Extract tablets from - to soon to know whether that's going to make a difference, but I'll let you know.

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