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My asthma started being odd last week.

And by Friday I had a sore throat, an annoying cough and my chest felt like it was on fire.

I went to the doctor today and he felt around my chest area where the pain is and it was really sore to touch.

He said it was costochondritis and

I didn't really understand what he meant and he didn't say how I got it or how long it will probably take to clear up.

He just told me to take pain killers and double up my seretide.

I was really tired and disorientated at the time so I didn't think to ask all these questions.

Any one know about it and able to clue me in?

cheers x

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hey there

not heard of this before!

but after a quick google search I found this

hope you start to feel better soon :)



Costochondritis is an inflamation of the ligaments (Intercostals) holding together the ribs especially near the sternum (Breastbone)

With lots of coughing they get a bit pulled and inflamed.

It gets easier but not sure how long it lasts and can vary esp if you are coughing...

Hope this helps



Thanks x I had never heard of it before.

I dunno why I seem to be so fatigued by it.

It seems to have gotten worse since I went to the docs.

I can't seem to move very well anymore.

I'm going to try and drag myself to one of those Chinese medicine shops and see if they have any epic pain relief!

Or is it worth me going back to the actual doctors?


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