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Getting ill before surgery?

Sorry if this is strange ^_^;

I've had a sore throat since last Saturday and it's been irritating my asthma

I haven't had any cold symptoms or fever, so I've been able to put up with it more or less. But it's been quite a lot worse today...

The only reason I worry is because I'm having a hysteroscopy next Tuesday

and was wondering whether I should get checked out at the nurse drop in clinic this week....I don't want to bother the nurse unnecessarily :/

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Hi shadowcat it's not strange at all if we can help each other here it's good!!

From my experience I don't think it should be a problem asking as u haven't got an active infection!! And your p/fs aren't Affected to much!! Can u have the histroscapy under sadation?

But you are right to get it checked I'm sure she won't think think your wasting her time- it's best to be safe then get it checked!! Hope all goes well and it settles down.


Thanks ^_^

I'm having it under general anaesthetic and the consultant said their anesthetists are a bit funny about asthmatics,

but at the time when she asked me about my asthma control I was ok.



I have had a similar problem. I am due to have an operation next Wednesday and cos my asthma being brittle, the consultant and anaesthetist told me to avoid going too near people with colds or infections because they said that if I got an infection they would postpone the op. I think the best thing is to just get checked out.

Hope it goes ok.


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