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Swine flu jab and egg allergy

Hello all

Do any of the medical peeps know if the swine flu jab advice is the same as the normal flu jab re egg allergy ie severe egg allergy don't have it or is there an egg allergy friendly version????

Don't want to attempt to ask my GP as will be far too stressful to get past the dragon gate keepers and we're down as having had swine flu anyway.



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.... there are two versions

Cell cultured and egg cultured..... I think Baxter is egg free..... there is something in the archive about it........... Sorry, got to go....




think there must be a injection for swineflu with an egg allergy .im sure if you rang the doctors receptionist she would enquire for you.x


Hello Marmite and fellow egg allergy peeps

The anaphylaxis campaign has some info here


It depends on the brand of vaccine..........

See a snippet below...

he National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) is working on creating a virus to be used in the vaccine nibsc.ac.uk/ . The NIBSC commented that there are likely to be two vaccines available, one of which, Celvapan (produced by Baxters Healthcare), is not cultured on egg. The vaccine in it's current form will only be available for 18-59 year olds but the producers hope to make provision for all age groups in the near future. Confirmatory clinical trials to evaluate safety and immunogenicity of CELVAPAN A/H1N1 in adults, the elderly and children are scheduled to begin in August 2009.




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