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Hypotonic saline

Hi all

Have been prescribed hypotonic saline to neb by RBH and as it comes in bottle with rubber seal need needles syringes and sharps bin. Just been to GP today to pick up script and can have saline but not needles or sharps bin etc errr WHY??

Does anyone else have this and do they have the needles/syringes/sharps bin on a prescription or is it provided by hospital or someone else??

(I'm sure once actually have appointment and see GP in weeks time won't be a problem but couldn't get past the dragon receptionist today and she refused be helpful as is a ""busy monday!"")

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Ahhhh busy Mondays. Love 'em.

Sharps bins - only size available on FP10 (GP NHS Script) is 1litre (tiddly).

Needles & Syringes are unfortunately not available on FP10.

I think most folks on here get them either from the hospital, or through the District Nursing team.

Good luck...!


Hi marmite,

I dont use the saline nebs etc but do require needles and syringes etc for my hydrocortisone injections. I get 5 vials of the injection on prescription then my GP gives me 5 2ml syringes and 5 blue needles to go with out of her draw!! This has always been the system since they diagnosed my addison's. Hope this helps!!

I would ask your GP to provide the needles and syringes for you to keep the saline in sterile conditions etc - If this is a problem then if you have a district nurse of community respiratory nurse then id ask them if they could help, if all else fails you can buy syringes with needles in situ (insulin syringes of all shapes and sizes) from your friendly local chemist - I once had to do this when I couldnt get past a dragon receptionist and needed my injection!!

Good luck. Lv Kat Xxx


Try district nurse who may be able to get you orders from a centralised Medical equipment service. ( Essex works like this)

This seems to be a real issue with some people here not being able to get a consistent supply of stuff that isn't prescribable like bigger sharps bins, needles, infusyion sets , syringes etc.

There must be a supplier somewhere in each county / area or is it just some like essex who have got their act together???

Good luck




When I was on subcut the commnity matrons provided all the sharps bins, needles syringes and stuff that went with it. At first it was a real hassle trying to get it and trying to order it etc but after a few orders is finally seemed to get easier and straight forward.

Im in hampshire and the community matrons work with the gps so i dont know who did the ordering of stuff but I always asked community matron for it.



Hi Marmite

Needles and syringes can be provided by district nurses in your medical practice, some practices also give out and dispose of sharps bins. Small sharps bins are available on prescription, but these are quite small! My own local council provide a sharps bin replacement and collection service, not all councils across the country do this, but worth asking.


My resp nurse gives me a month supply of needles and syringes at a time, I've not even seen the district nurse yet even though I was referred in october!

The sharps bins when full I just give back to her and she gives me a new one.

Shes never actually given me a box of the things I think she just goes to the ward and nicks them!

I need to ask who collects clinical waste bags as I have a full yellow bag and and no idea what to do wiv it!


Been to back to GP surgery armed with suggestions from this post Thankyou everyone - nurse handed me needles and syringes to go with this batch.

However Boots pharmacist came up with much more sensible solution.

Saline has to be special ordered for me and made up after phone call to GP instead of the usual 100ml bottles he ordered a batch of 5ml bottles so can just open them and chuck glass in recycling. More packaging to store but have no need for needles and syringes to draw it up.

Common sense prevails!


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