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Where did you buy your neb?

Ok I've done it again have dropped yet another cup of coffee into my so ancient its no longer serviced work horse porta neb.

It's dried out and been put back together but is not very happy and was more expensive to fix last time than a new one so have decided to get a little one and allow my battered freeway to retire and stay in house.

SO where did you get your omron/ little nebuliser from and were they delivered quickly??


A daft Marmite

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Hi Marmite

I bought my baby omron from medisave

and cost £111.57 but should be vat exempt so will be £94 95 and was delivered the next day and it works on AA batteries or rechargables and you can also use neb steriods in it

but I have seen them on ebay recently much cheaper so worth alook but will have to wait longer for deliverey I would expect

hope this helps



Cara Wilson

PLs go onto my post on the general forums called Nebulisers - Need advice! I ahvent got a nebuliser but it explains more on their! The person who made this post would also be benificail from reading the post!

Cara Wilson xxx


Marmite I got a new omron (you know the ones you can neb on at RBH and they don't hear you which is very useful the night before you want to go home) from here: arrived the next day and they did not try and add on VAT oh and whilst you are at it get the mains lead for it £120 delivered!



I use evergreen too, very personal friendly, our local hosp uses them for home servicing too. I got mine when went away last yr, when packing at 11pm sat nite realised old one knackered, emaled him andhe kindly delivered me one sunday am bbefore flew!!!

Andrea xxx


I'm another Evergreen user.

I got my Omron Microair from advice on here and i ordered mine at 2.00 in afternoon and it arrived at 8.00 next mornng by courier.

I recently lost the thingy that holds the batteries in and i phoned them to ask for a replacement and was told they dont do them, but they were phoning the manufacturer that morning and would see what they could do. I got a phone call about 15 mins later saying that they were going to send me one out of kindness and it arried the next day.

Brill service and advice.



Hello Marmite, I got my Omron microair from Medisave, its wonderous, its so light and easy to use and it has never let me down yet. Cleaning it looks a bit daunting when you read the instructions but its not as bad as it sounds. I just boil da mesh occasionaly and wipe the mask with a milton wipe and neb some sterile water through when i can. You get a handy little pouch with it too, and you can use it lying down which is ace for middle of the night routine after blips nebs. Don't soak the mesh in Milton though it can damage it - but the wipes are handy for cleaning the mask. Hope you get a new neb soon, and when you do keep it away from coffee! Love Lois


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