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Joint Problems

Have managed to get my pred to an all time low in recent years of 9mg have zero lung problems now have beaten infection and yet my joints have swelled up esp hands hence fewer posts recently too sore to type. Have been referred to yet another consultant by gp for investigations but has anyone else had problems with joint swelling, stiffness huge amounts of pain on reducing pred??? (not just the usual leg pains feeling miserable for few days this seems to be different)



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Hi Marmite

sounds familiar! Pred can hide things like polymyalgia, arthritis etc etc so may be worth a blood test to see if there is any inflamation activity.

I get lots of pain but rarely swelling, blood tests negative recently for polymyalgia.

If you do reduce pred furter, do it very slowly - 1mg a month or even 2.

take care




Thanks Kate will see what new cons says!

Am already being very careful and reducing slowly 1mg/month and going back in for adrenals test before further reduction.



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