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Can gloss paint cause an attack?

I am a new asthma sufferer and don't know what really triggers my attacks. I am currently being diagnosed as chronic until my doctor and specialist can get things under control. My husband and I are in the middle of painting our kitchen, using gloss paint on the woodwork. I am feeling very breathless and dizzy - can the paint be causing this?

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I cant speak for everyone but I am affected by gloss paint, so much so that when we moved into our brand new house and then the builders had to re-do all the skirting boards they had to pay for me to stay in a hotel for the week whilst it was being done!



Rowleys mum

Hi,welcome ,

Just been down that road as decorated

normal paint and gloss set my asthma off,so

we used crown low odour paint and low odour gloss and I never smelt a thing,

can highly recomend it.

It is also water based and brushes clean easy.

love Glynis xxx


Hi yes it can, when we moved into our house it was a new build. It nearly killed my son, the smell took 3 months to get rid of. We have just had the house repainted outside but I insisted on painter using low odour paint. Wicks do a good one and also we use crown. If I were you I'd tell them to stop painting and change the paint. It just takes so long to get rid of the smell.It's just not worth getting ill over.When my Sons had their rooms redecorated we used low odour paint and they were sleeping in the room that night with no problems, amazing stuff.

Take care



Being asthmatic and a builder I can say yes, make sure you well ventilate the place not just during the painting, but also for a good few hours after and open the windows as much as possible for the next week as the fumes will still be around from the paint.

Some of the water based eggshell (dulux diamond) is a good one, no smell, hard wearing, infact harder than traditional oil/solvent based gloss, just a slightly less shiny finish.


Pre-asthma, new paint has given me nightmares. Particularly gloss. If we ever get around to doing up the house, I'll let you know re question. Wouldn't hold my breath (pun not intended).


'Can gloss paint cause an attack?

Thank you everyone for all your help. It's nice to know there is help out there!


homebase do a water based gloss which i find ok


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