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Drug questions

Has anyone ever been on Betamethasone tablets?

Ive been changed to them from the pred!

Or Atarax antihistamines?

Cons has put wrong dose of atarax on note for GP but had them ONCE before so should be on file!

I am really nervous about the new steroid tablets but its possible I am resistant to the pred!

Also the new one doesnt have the fluid retention side effect!

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hi wheezer,

i've just looked up atarax in my drug book to see if i could give more detail for u but it says it's an anti-anxiety drug so i'm a bit confused now :o/

sorry i can't be of any more help. I've had betamethasone but in a mousse format for a problem on my scalp

Good luck on new drugs, i hope they help!



hi Wheezer,

Atarax is an antihistamine (a bit like piriton) which is also a bit sedating so can be used either for allergies or as a sleeping/anti anxiety tablet (which is why it comes up under both in the books), it should be fairly similar to piriton all round. I don't know anything in particular about betamethasone tablets though, I'm afraid. Hope that helps....

good luck with the new tablets!



Thanx both of you!

Gp called cons about atarax dose and am starting on 10mg 3 times aday and then can increase to 25mg if needed!

The Bethamethasone has gotta be specially ordered so chemist are gonna deliver it tomorrow am!

Apparently the steroid acts differently and doesnt have as much of the fluid retention side effect so should be better all round for me!

Can only wait and see WHEN they arrive!


I tried Atarax once!

Zombie Pills! Was doped up all day even though I took it at night - can't remember the dose!



Kate apparently when I was on it before I was on one green (25mg) tab at night!

But this time I am on one red/orange (10mg) tabe 3 times a day!

Had the 1st one couple of hours ago and aint reacted to it as yet!

Aint as hyped up as I was earlier today, blame the pred, so I guess thats an advantage!


Yes, mine were green too!


lol Kate lol

I have stopped itching actually after only one dose so me is happy :)


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