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Generic meds

Ok I know people have had issues with generic inhalers but has anyone had issues with generic nebs ??

I take bricanyl nebs and this last prescription they gave me generics (new generics as never ever had generics of them) and I am finding them totally c**p - help what do I do ??

I know the NHS wants people on generics to save costs but if I am using double or triple surely that isnt cost effective !!

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Take them back to the chemist and expalin, at the end of the day you are entitled to whatever eleviates your symptoms and price shouldnt come into it, i found this omce when took zoton and got some spanish ones and my symptoms returned!! so go and tell them chemist that you need others ones or else!!

love andrea xxx


speak to your GPon the comp screen he/she needs to put the correct non generic name with no generics next to it then chemist can only give the original brand have had same ith ventolin nebs and nexium antacid.


You can ask the pharmacist for what you want or if they haven't got it in you can order it in. i always order ivax/salamol salbutamol inhalers rather than ventolin. Same drug but have personal preference due to size!


Still having issues with these but am going to have a word with the pharmacist when I order my script soon - they really are useless - where real bricanyl nebs work these generics dont!


with salbutamol, i prefer ventolin as i find salamol makes me sick, plus i find ventolin more effective.

Go back to your GP and tell them that the new generic nebs are not helping, they should give you the branded as this is obviously better for your condition


Spoke to pharmacy yesterday and they are going to check the costings etc and will get the script changed to branded for me if needs be - luckily I have the habit of getting my scripts in advance so I always keep spare meds in, including several boxes of Bricanyl (branded) nebs !!

They gonna get me a different brand generic for one my tablets also as one brand has vile colouring in it which gives me grief !!


Well good news when I went to get prescription today my tablets are APS and not Generics (UK) Ltd and that the bricanyl nebs are on order for later as ""Bricanyl Respules"" the branded vrsion - apparently as there is nothing in the drug tariff it doesnt seem to be an issue - I just need to let them know when I order script !!

Problem with Ondansetron tablets though as I was using generics no probs but their area stock is seriously limited so I have got to have branded ""Zofran"" which I prefer anyway !!

Why is it costing has to play such a big part in what drugs we get - all I keep being told is thats its the cost caompared to generics !!

If something doesnt work it doesnt work - end of - but I am sick of fighting to get medications I have taken for years !!


Arghhhhhhhhhh - dont ask - but am owed one box of 20 real bricanyl nebs but didnt half get a crappy attitude of them !!


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