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Immune System

Ok my immune system is non-existent or so it seems right now!

(Thanx to Betamethasone!)

I cant take Echinacea as it doesnt agree with me but is there ANYTHING ELSE I can take to boost my immune system!

I have to pick up my script wednesday so wanted to see what you lot suggest as will try get it from the chemist I use!

Also I thought about contacting my hospital asthma nurse to see if she can have word with cons to see what he thinks as this is getting a little to much for me!

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How about multivitamins? (get own brand, same contents as big brands, just a heck of a lot cheaper!)



Moose - I never thought about em THANX lol

I actually buy a 2 mth supply of Co-op own multivits for my mum at 99p for 2mths so will have to pick myself up a tub tomorrow when I go to post Bex's parcel (postie at our co-op) as I know they 99p there and chemists own are £2 someat I think as I use Lloyds chemist lol

THANKS again as I had totally forgotten the obvious lol



For an immune system boost try essential fatty acids (EFA's). There are some good ones around. A multi is good to and a seperate vitamin C wont hurt. I take all three and have had good results. I exercise often: resistance training 4 x a week and cardio 3 - 4 times and i used to get chest infections/colds every 4 weeks or so. This continued for a year and then i started taking the above cocktail and my immune system has been lots better :) In the last 4 months i've had one chest infection!!



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