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Tens Machine question

Ok daft question here lol

Does anyone know if ya can but bandages OVER the electrodes or not ???

I'm trying to work out how is best to keep the electrodes on each knee as when at home the stupid tape keeps coming off and I doing nought !!!

And desperately NEED them to stay on at least an hour tomorrow if I wanta survive whats gotta be done lol

But is it OK to stick bandages on top of em as thats only way I can see em staying on !!!

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I think it is OK to use bandages to keep the electrodes in place. But don't use anything metal near them. !!!!!

Got a horrible tingle once from a necklace attaching itself to an electrode on my shoulder.

Have you tried using it while relaxing for 30 minutes then moving about?

I used it when relaxing which helped the pain before starting any exsersise



You can use either bandage or things like micropore or sticking plasters.


I use micropore on mine, I have a friend who swearsa by insulating (electrical tape) but I have never dared try!



If ya could see me now ya would all be laughing ya heads off lol

Am taped up with scanpore and bandages on BOTH knees and walking stick at the ready lol

Now must remember to take wires with me now lol

Report back later lol


Ok tens machine has now been peeled offa me !!

Didnt do alotta good at all but was worth trying !!

Still got through this am and can settle a little till have to unpack shopping when it gets delivered after 2pm !!

Still bandages DID keep the pads where I wanted em at least !!


Perhaps you need some new pads??? They do loose their stickyness after a while.

Mine need dampening with a bit of water before use.

Gaffer or Duck tape.......?




Kate you are probably spot on lol

Given it aint been used in yrs its a distinct possibility lol

Will have to speak to GP later about the pads as I had to have special ones ""Pals Blue"" and aint sure if I can still contact pain clinic for them or not lol

Oppps lol


Mine are pals too! You can get them from mail order from Nidd Valley (if they still exist LOL) if needed.




Gonna see what gp says Kate as I just used to send a SAE into pain clinic with a note of pads I needed and wires etc as machine is hossie loan one so may still be able to get em off hossie lol

I remember going through loadsa different pads and Pals Blue were only ones I didnt react to lol


GP has siad that Im still registered at pain clinic so can just do what I did before BUT emclose a letter with the first request to explain why LOL

Wooowwwwwwwwwww lol


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