I thought I'd make a space for allergy discussions...I think i may have discovered a new allergy - after drinking diet tonic water my throat appears to swell up, which isn't a lot of fun. then I remembered being given very strong squash as a kid, and it giving me breathing problems. So could I be allergic to something in diet drinks? what would this be? would this be a likely reaction?? Should I do anything specific about this? It's a little confusing...

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  • Possibly aspartame. Its on the list of possible asthma triggers

  • michael has alot of allergies, many of which we havent ""figured out"" yet. hes allergic to wheat egg nuts pulses dairy soya and uncooked tomatoes. bananas give him a funny tummy but its not so bad that he cant have one in a while. its alot of work but at least hes gonna be healthy, he cant eat junk food so that a good thing!!!!!!

  • Hi Justy,

    Yeh, I think you could be allergic to phenylanaline. Avoidance of drinks that contain this substance should do the trick.

    I don't think it's confusing. You see, nearly every person who posts on AUK will suffer from allergy symptoms to some degree. In fact, many could correctly be described as multiple symptom allergics.

    Asthma is often described as a allergic disease because of the immunological mechanisms that lead to the reversible inflammatory response in the respiratory system called asthma. However, not all asthma has an allergic basis, for example excercise induced asthma.

    Discussing allergy can be problematic because a wide gulf exists in the understanding of the term allergy between allergists and immunologists. In other words, allergy means different things to different people.

    Take care,


  • I have a allergy to pollen and pencillcin.

  • I have a allergy to pollen and codine also i am lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance

  • hi im hannah and im 13 im allergic to horses and they make my asthma worse but very time i eat sweets that does too my mum sed it could b the coulorings in them as she read that they can affect your asthma

  • Phenylanaline is an essencial aminoacid present in almost all products containing proteins. Thankfuly it is not a common allergen. Some people do not metabolite it properly and need to avoid it that is why the information that product contains phenylanaline needs to be put on products for which it is not obvious that it may be there such as diat drinks.

    I would say that likely offender would be aspartane as already suggested or sulphates present in some soft drinks and infamous for giving allergic reactions. Tonic water contains quinine sulphate, which gives its characteristic bitter taste. Maybe that is what you are allergic to. Any problems with non diat tonic water?

  • I have the same issue with the HI squashes, especially blackcurrant.

  • My Allergies


    I'm from Australia & received my allergy results 2 weeks ago.

    They are; Mould & Grasses. am allergic to Penicillen too.


  • wats in ur diet drinks is probably pheninayline (i cant spell it ) but you should have had a test for a allergy of it as a baby (the heel prik test) but if your not sure ask your gp heel give you trhe test

  • Why is everyone suddenly going on and on about phenylanaline? The heel prick test does not check if the baby is alergic to it by the way but if it suffers from phenylketonuria a genetic disorder that prevents the body from utilizing this essencial amino acid leeding to severe mental retardation as the stuff becomes deposited in the brain. A bit different from alergy. I don't want to sound as now it all (hoenstly lol) just trying to get facts right. If Justy were alergic to phelynanaline as it is being sugested it would mean avoiding almost all foods containing any source of protein and having extremly restriced diet.

  • sorry i seem to have upset you anna you obviusly no a lot more than me about it

  • soft drink allergy


    I react to aspartame which is in soft drinks, so thought Id mention it.


  • I get my allergy results on tuesday. I'm just hoping it's not my dog which is the cause! :-(

  • am allergic to latex and blackcurrant (especially the berries and ribena) along with usual grasses, tree pollen, mould spours etc.

    latex allergy is the worst, hate it it seems to rule my life where and when i can or cannot go. grrr for allergies.

    hope all with asthma and allergies are doing ok at the momemnt and those awaiting results get them soon.

  • Im allergic to grass and then weather,hot,cold,damp etc. Smoke,sprays,perfumes,mens sprays,bleach etc.have to wash my apples or set asthma off. Colds and virus etc set asthma off also

  • I've found out I'm allergic to headlice! Doesn't affect asthma but makes my head very very painful and itchy and I get hives, great when I have two young kids!

  • ??

    I think I'm allergic to life...or work...or something I encounter a lot but isn't obvious!

    High total IgE levels in blood but skin tests all negative (massive relief, I didn't want to have to a) tackle the landlord again about the mould and/or b) go mad hoovering - would go round the bend trying to keep this house free of dust!)

  • I am definiately allergic to too many things 20+ items to date and number zooming upwards... so would go along with allergic to life and work.... Could do with one of those bubble sphere things you can walk or roll around in...

  • I'm allergic to hospitals :P

    Nah, in all seriousness I'm anaphylactic to wasp stings, and allergic to NSAID's, Latex, Penicillian, Ciprofloxicin, and transpore. Allergic to me is something that makes my asthma worse or gives me a rash. Intolerance is something that makes me sick, i.e Mayonaise. If something needs an epi-pen for relief then I say I'm anaphylactic to it as a pose to allergic.

  • What really bugs me is hospitals always think of gloves being latex but fail to realise that rubber bands on patients notes and in treatment rooms are a problem... Also keep wanting to use latex equipment on you...

  • I'm allergic to Grass pollen, Tree pollen, feathers, horse hair, moulds, smoke, chemicals, house dust and mite, aspirin, salbutamol, aminophylline, penicillin, chloramphenicol

  • Asthmagirl, thats a lot of allergies! how severe are they?

  • Im allergic to omxycllin and aspirin makes my eczema flare up. Currently waiting for an endoscopy to confirm coeliacs so wheat and gluten allergies That's it as far as I know. My nan says I dont do anything so in her view I'm lazy so allergic to work to haha

  • Hi Rhudson,

    The drugs that I'm allergic to my throat and mouth swell up and I get red itchy rashes on my face and neck

  • oh thats nasty!! Luckily I only have hayfever. So I guess you really steer clear of them!

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