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Newbie Advice please


I did post a similar message to this a few days ago but got no reply so am hoping I'll be luckier this time. I'll try to make it briefer and clearer.

I was diagnosed with Asthma this summer after having problems for about a year.

I kept getting worse and the medication just wasn't working. Finally, my GP prescribed 16 puffs of Qvar 50 and 2 of Seretide 50 daily. It has worked amazingly. What I'm confused about is that he expressed doubts that it was asthma.

He sent me for a chest xray and I shall have a breathing test next week. I asked him what else it could be. He said maybe I just cough a lot, some women do! But I've got so much better. I did have to stop all medicine because I became dehydrated though.

Any comments are most welcome. I'm not complaining only worrying that if I do have asthma he may not treat me if I have a problem in future.

Thanks in advance, :)) Louisa

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I find it very odd that your GP says that some women just cough alot, first of all I would ask him to explain this, because it is obviously causing you some concern. Explain this, also many practices have a dedicated Asthma nurse, ask to see her/him. These nurses can offer alot of help and advice to newly diagnosed patients. Finally Asthma UK have an excellent telephone support service staffed by qualified asthma nurses, would recommend that you speak to them if you find your gp/practice unhelpful. Also being newly diagnosed I expect you are finding it all a tad confusing. Next time you visit your gp/nurse take a pad and pencil, write down what you are told/ this method can also help in that you can write notes prior to your appointment that can help you ask the right questions. Its amazing how much information patients don't take on board when they see someone. Good luck



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