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New Triggers (!)


I'm ""Estelle"" but lost my login details so had to register again ;)

I was diagnosed with asthma in the spring of this year. I didn't have it last winter, as I would have certainly noticed symptoms like this and gone to the doctor then.

The things that were triggering, were traffic fumes, walking past smokers in the street, and general ""dirty"" air - (dunno what else to call it really).

But for the last couple of months I've been getting strong, horrible reactions from newspaper print, and occasionally glossy magazine print. I don't often read papers and magazines, but I do read books, and once or twice, I have had an asthma attack from opening a new book.

This isn't nice at all.

Is it common for new triggery things to crop up? Is this likely to be permanent?

I really enjoy reading, and I am having to abandon this passtime entirely at the moment.

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I also react to newly printed material. I have found that leaving the offending material to air in the garage for a few days usually renders it safe to read. Alternatively I get books from the library - usually they have been around for a while and are no longer emitting noxious fumes !


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