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helping asthmatics - all help appreciated

i go to a group for girls on a monday night. as i am the only asthmatic there (apart from the leader who runs the club). as we go on weekends away and things they have asked me to say what asthma is and everything. i have absolutly no idea what to say so i was wonderng if anyone could help me please bacause if its a good enough presentation and everything they want me to say it to all of their clubs.

all help wanted please and thank you.

Jess x

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This sounds great, it'll be a fantastic opportunity to increase awareness to the girls. I've newly been diagnosed and have never come across anyone I know with asthma so its all new so am having to find out lots of information, the girls you present to might find themselves in a similar situation or may come across someone having an asthma attack so could be prepared for it.

You could explain a bit about what asthma is, what can cause it, what its like to have and what to do in an emergency. Pictures are always good for a presentation, and don't say too much. How about a little handout they could take home to read too?

Good luck xxx


helping asthmatics

You could go through some of the leaflets on AUk(astma uk site) they are self explantatory.



cheers i will do that thanks.

Jess x


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