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I think Ive just had or am going through an attack im not sure

I have asthma which i found out after being admitted to hospital, I had three attacks but havnt had any since i started combination therapy (purple inhalor). The thing is i think, im not sure, ive just had an attack, i dont want to bother 999 or anyone in case i am wrong. My chest went very tight, i could hear myself breathing quite panicly, i meditated and began breathing techniques which seem to have worked, would this be an asthma attack?

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On monday you can speak with the asthma nurses on AUK ( Asthma Uk) they will help you deterimine if it was an asthma attack or a panic attack. Panic attacks make asthma worse. If your asthma drugs fail to make you recover than get medical help sooner than later.



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