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indigestion and remedies

I've been getting a bit of what I think is indigestion (never suffered that way before, but there you go) so I grabbed some antacid tablets in the supermarket today. Then when I got home and read the packet I found that

a) they are calcium carbonate, so basically the same as adcal, so maybe I should just save the adcal for when during the day I get indigestion symptoms

b) it says not to take if you are taking bisphosphonates, which is stuff like alendronate right? Which has me confused.

i guess maybe I should go and ask the pharmacist, but wondered if anyone could enlighten me?

Oh, indigestion doesnt seem to be specifically related to taking the alendronate ie not specifically the same day.



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Hello Ali,

The only time you shouldn't take any form of anti-acids (Settlers, gaviscon etc) or one of the acid preventers such as Zoton or Zantac is at the same time as the Alendronate as it needs the acid in your stomach to absorb properly I think! So you only really need to avoid them once a week for fosamax.

Adcal doesn't taste that nice so I prefer something minty for indigestion!

If your still confuddled - ask a pharmacist just to check.


thanks Kate, that makes sense now!

I've heard far too much about what can happen not to be v good about taking alendronate as instructed - even though it means I'm extra grumpy one morning a week waiting to have my first cup of tea! So that shouldnt be a problem.

And yes, the mint taste is much nicer. Maybe I'll swop the adcal for antacid tablets!


Hi ali,

If you've not suffered with indigestion before, and it persists for more than a couple of days without a clear trigger, you should really go to your GP to get it checked out. You may need more tests or a slightly different treatment, particularly with the possibility of meds like alendronate and pred contributing. Indigestion and reflux can potentially worsen asthma so it is worth getting it checked out properly.

Take care

Em H

thanks Em, yes, I'll mention it next time i go to the GPs - which will need to be in the next couple of weeks or I wont be allowed another repeat script!



have you tried peppermint oil.water

Holland and Barret do it in powder form @ 3.99 a teaspoon in hot water helps.

i take esomeprazole as well although ive had the anti reflux surgery but have 4 stone due 2 the smalle stomach so a plus point ithink.

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