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hello everybody hope everyone is feeling well today, i have been having a rough time lately and on Thursday went back to docs cos my chest was terrible again i thought i needed steroids but doc said no and put me on smart programme, how long does people find this treatment begins to work, i have been doing it since Thursday so i no it wont be doing its best yet, any help would be appreciated thanks Jillian xx

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  • I personally haven't found this to be the miracle inhaler for me as it has been for some - though I think this is due to my own set of circumstances rather than the drug!

    This link tells you all you need to know:

    A summary is below - from what O gather for many patients this has helped no end! Good luck - if your doc gave you this rather than steroids must've been for a reason!

    What is Symbicort? Maintenance And Reliever Therapy (Symbicort SMART?)?

    • Symbicort SMART? is a significant ;advance in asthma management.

    • It is the first treatment approach ;to allow adult asthma patients, ;aged 18-years and older, suitable ;for combination therapy to receive ;both maintenance and reliever ;therapy in one inhaler.

    • Up until now, many asthma ;patients have had to use one or ;two inhalers every day for ;prevention and control of their ;asthma, and an additional ‘blue’inhaler to relieve symptoms such ;as cough and wheeze.

    • With Symbicort SMART, medicines ;for control and relief of asthma ;are combined in one inhaler, ;overcoming the need for a ;separate ‘blue’ reliever inhaler ;and offering patients a simple and ;convenient treatment for their ;asthma symptoms.

    • As with other combination asthma ;therapies, Symbicort SMART is not ;licensed for prophylactic use ;before exercise.1

    Benefits of Symbicort? Maintenance And Reliever Therapy (Symbicort SMART?)

    • In general, asthma patients have ;several drugs to deal with on a ;daily basis. Symbicort SMART ;provides a simplified, convenient ;treatment approach using just one ;inhaler, enabling patients to take ;control of their asthma before ;symptoms progressively worsen ;causing a severe asthma attack ;(known as an exacerbation).

    • Studies show that Symbicort ;SMART provides rapid relief of ;immediate asthma symptoms and ;effective prevention of severe ;asthma attacks, compared to ;higher or fixed dose traditional ;treatment plus a separate ‘blue’reliever inhaler.2,3,4,5,6,7

    The evidence

    • A clinical trial programme ;involving over 14,000 asthma ;patients, suitable for combination ;therapy, has demonstrated that ;Symbicort SMART is more ;effective than taking a preventer ;inhaler plus an additional reliever ;inhaler, in the management of ;asthma. 2,3,4,5,6,7

    • Symbicort SMART has been ;shown to:

    ;• reduce the number of oral steroid days by 34%, compared to traditional treatment 5

    ;•reduce the incidence of severe asthma attacks by 45%, compared to traditional treatment plus a separate reliever inhaler 3

    ;• produce a 39% reduction in the requirement for emergency room treatment and/or hospital admissions versus traditional treatment. 2

  • Hi

    I cant remember how long it took to get the full benifit of this but I personally have found it to be brill, it does not help or stop the sudden brittle attacks but in regards to managing the daily symptoms, well I would not be without it now or go back to the old system, I find so much more releif both instant and long term by having the combined inhailer and has changed the quality of my life a little.

    Hope it works out for you too!


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