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after 4 weeks of antibiotics and steroids and telling docs i was getting no better and them not giving a toss, i ended up in hospital for the week. was on iv drip for 4 days of 4000 mgs. never ever been as poorly in my life, had a temp of 42 in middle of Tuesday night. still i have not been sent to a consultant for my chest what else has to happen before i can see some one. do you think i have the right to go to my docs and demand to see a consultant. i no i am nowhere near as poorly as most of you but i am soooo fed up now and have never been as scared in my life. sorry for been boring you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Really sorry to hear you've been so poorly. When my son's asthma was really bad (think he was about 6) I asked my GP if he could be referred to a consultant. I was a bit nervous asking but GP was fine about it. It took a while before the appointment came through, but consultant has been very good and he still sees him now. I would definately ask your GP to be referred on. Hope you get on alright. Good luck.


why dont doctors automatically refer to asthma specialists?

Hi Jilly,

i hope you feel better soon, i've been trying to get my stubborn asthma flare up controlled for sometime. I have been in your position and actually wanted to go and ask the nurse about refering me to brompton or any consultant, by a stoke of luck the day i made the appointment for the Asthma nurse - it turned out to be an asthma consultant from the nearest hospital as the nurse was on leave.

The delight in my face as i realised im seeing a specialist. This was shortly after a A&E visit and i was estatic to finally have the right medication. 3 weeks on im getting better but now looking back on all the mistakes my own GP made.

My advice is go in and ask to be refered, let them know how much its effecting you. I still think asthma's in control of my life but now that I have the right doctor/consultant im feeling less worried and stressed out about it.

Tell them they are wrong when they make mistakes I had to go to A&E (in an emergency) get every test done and then had the 100% confirmation that its chronic asthma (my gp's failed to do this for years and now that its 100% asthma they love giving me pred for asthma!)


I would have thought that you would have seen a chest consultant whilst you were in hospital and then they would review you in outpatients (say 6 weeks later). What did the hospital tell you when you were discharged? Often when you are discharged they tell you to go and see your GP in a few days time.

I would go and see your GP again. Have you tried other GPs in the practice? Is there 1 who is particularly interested in respiratory medicine (this info is on our practice website or ask the receptionist)? You could ask for a long appointment so you don't feel rushed. It sounds like your asthma could be better controlled (and you deserve it to be!).

I can imagine you were feeling absolutely awful with a temp of 42! which can't have helped when you were feeling breathless.


i am going to make an appointment next week to see a gp, but i have asked before and they say I'm not bad enough, which i can understand i am no were no bad as some people they see but i am getting worse. surely i have the right to see someone else. i just don't no anymore xxx


become stubborn - dont fall into the more severe than you category.

hi jilly,

you sound like me a few months ago - demand to see a doctor, who cares about everyone else?!? Let them be serious..your as important as everyone else.

My GP would do that to me (its mild hayfever not asthma - this line comes to mind) until I realised they did not have a clue/lack of interest in asthma medications. I got really severe and now they suddly care too. Dont let your condition worsen and then get their attention - i had a big nasty attack and that made me totally change my tone with the GP when i visit them.

Do you have any emergency poly-clinics near you?


It might be worth having a look at the British Thoraic Society Guidelines on asthma

as there are recommendations for when GPs should refer patients to a respiratory specialist.

The guidelines do say that 'A respiratory specialist should follow up patients admitted with severe asthma for at least one year after the admission' on page 17.

You could always print off the guidelines and take them with you to your GP appointment. Hope you have some joy with your GP.


If you want to see a consultant, under the choice scheme you are allowed to and you are allowed to choose which hospital you want to go to. I would recommend choosing a local one just because you have to be able to get to it reguarly. I am very suprised you were discharged without a follow up appointment with a chest consultant though.

Go to you GP and tell him you want referring to a consultant, dont use the appointment for anything else just for being referred to a consultant. GP's prefer one thing at a time or that is what i always find. So i often end up going three days in one week just to sort everything out.



i have got a appointment for tomorrow afternoon to see my GP. will see what becomes of that. i do understand im not half as bad as some asthmatics but my point to docs which they are not getting is my asthma is getting worse and i want to no why. not a lot to ask for is it. so down in dumps and scared at this present moment in time.

Jill xxx


Don't worry that you are not half as bad as some people, every one deserves their asthma to be as well controlled as possible. Keep believing that and you aren't boring us!

Like Plummie I am still surprised they discharged you with no follow up!


sad isnt it?


isnt it sad that i have found a lot of support and knowledge here and there are so many people here (im one of them) who has had really bad experiences of bad GP's. Ive noticed that Pharmacist are better than GP's. Paramedics are better than GP's! Sad to think that i had to do so much hard work to get to see a real asthma doctor and now im getting results. A lot of people have to do this too.

sometimes it good to use your own initiative and try and cut things out as i realised my symptoms got worse everytime i had a round of antibiotics! Question everything whenever you see a doctor - everyone makes mistakes but theirs are the most damaging!


been to my docs today and the doctor said straight away she could not believe they had let me go without aftercare. she has made me an appointment for next Tuesday to see a consultant. will see what happens next week when i see the doc. lets hope things get moving now .thank you for all your kind words and support .

Jill xxx


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