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fed up

over xmas i have had antibiotics and steroids for a chest infection then asthma started been stupid , thought all was well until today when my back started to hurt where my bra strap is and it feels like i have a itch under my skin where bra goes. is this asthma going down hill or everything settling down after upset i have just had . fed up to back teeth now . iam i normal for a asmatic or should i go to docs

thanks jillian

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Many asthmatics know the tight bra feeling when asthma is playing up but it could also be down to dehydration; I find drinking a pint of water eases my back problems.

The itch under the skin could be due to an allergy / intolerance you have developed. I found that following a course of steroids for my asthma I developed an intolerance to many things the worste and most difficult to track down were the food intolerances - have you tried taking an antihistamine; if it persists & you suspect food intolerance you could try avoiding the evils one by one to see if you have developed a similar problem to mine




I started to develop a similar problem a few years ago. Hubby suggested I had probably developed an allergy to the washing powder we were using even though it was a non-biological one. An alternative allergy he suggested was to the elastic its self in my undies - he took great glee in teasing me about how I would manage that one!

It did turn out to be the washing powder and as soon as I changed to a different brand of nonbio the problem was solved.

It might be worth a try especially if like many asythmatics you are prone to allergies.



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