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bit scared

hello everybody hope you are are wellish today. i went to docs yesterday as i was a little short of breath but nowt to call owt. wen doc listened to my chest she said it was terrible and has put me on 8 steroids for 7 days. i only usually get 6 a day for 5 days. thing that has scared me a bit is i didnt feel ill, thought it were weather and usually if my chest is bad i feel ill. keep thinking how far would i have gone before i might have been rushed into hospital, i know im looking on bleak side but ive never felt like this before xxxxxxxxxxx ok will stop moaning now xxxxx


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Hi jilly,try not be scared,your doc is just making sure your ok with your chest and help you cope this clod spell.

Just have regular meds review and action plan so you will feel more in control and will help reasure you the doc is keeping tabs on your Glynis xxx

hope it helps a bit,im still new to asthma last 18 months xxx


Aww Jilly Willy I know hwat you are saying. When I saw my doctor last week I was only on day 2 of uncontrolled asthma but because of how quickly it asperated I know something was not righ tbut I also didn't expected to be put on 8 steriods tablets for 5 days which is 3 more than normal for me and anti-bios for 7 days. I am know on day 11 of uncontrolled asthma and I am still were I was when I saw the doctor even though I completed the steriods and anti-bios as prescribed. I think sometimes we don't feel ill until we are really bad or at least this is what I have started to think as this isn't the first time this has happened to me.

Hope you start to feel better soon and take care fo yourself


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