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Bronchoscopy. Nitric oxide test for asthma

hello everybody hope you are all doing well. been to see a new consultant today and he has said he wants to do the two tests on me which are above. are they normal tests to perform. i know im panicking and i no i will be fine xxx thanks for all answers in advance xxxxx

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My daughter had a bronchoscopy. It took about an hour. The recovery was a couple of hours and ahe came home on the same day.

To be honest I actually think she felt better afterwards. Almost as if it cleared her out! Not sure if it did tho.

It certainly is a good test with regards to gaining answers.

Wishing you all the best for it. Let us know how it goes. X


Hi Jilly,

I have had both of these tests more than once. Nitrous Oxide levels in ashmatics are typically very very high, not sure why or how this helps them just involves lots of holding of your breath with funny sensors near your nose (even if you can't breath through your nose). The brochoscopy does lots of things including check for lingering infection, specific inflammation and other stuff!! Would never choose to have a brochoscopy, knocked me off my feet for a couple of days, but I don't think this is typical as most seem to go back to work the next day.

Best of luck


Nitric oxide test is something we have to do at every hospital appointment. However the one we do sounds different to Nicky's! It is just a question of blowing at a steady rate into a small hand held machine. It is nothing to worry about.

Measuring your nitric oxide levels gives an indication of how 'inflamed' your lungs are, so if your asthma is bad at the time you will have a high reading, but if you are well it will be a low reading.



I got told nitric oxide is better as a mointouring to look for changes to replace peak flow but the equipment is too expensive for home.


Oh yes I have done that one too Bryony, with the cute little clouds that smile at you!!! 28 years old and I was sadly impressed by that!!! But the other one I had was definitely NI too. Is Southampton General though so they do random, wierd and wonderful testing not just standard PFTs etc.



Not had nitric oxide test but have had bronchoscopy because my lungs are weird and consultant has no idea what is going on. It was absolutely fine for me though didn't have biopsies or washings or anything, everyone was really nice. If you do a search on here for bronchoscopy I posted a topic about it asking about everyone else's experiences and also put my own, in case you want to know more about what it's like.


Nicky - I am not sure I like the cloud I find it hard to blow at the right strength to keep him in the middle! Don't worry about being excited about the cloud, I was excited to find the stamps I bought yesterday had pictures of Thomas the Tank Engine on them!


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