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fed up and in need of some help please

i have been a asthmatic since i was 4, iam now 43, i have always been able to cope. but in last 2 years i have had reaccuring chest infections and have been on antibiotics nearly all the time with the odd storoid course, my asthma does not seem too bad and i can go nearly all day without taking my salbutomol, i take symbicort morn and night , and singular at night, do you think my asthma is getting worse or its one hell of a problem i have. my docs dont seem to be any help and sometimes i feel i am making a nuiscense of myself. can someone please help has i am fed up of been ill and my hubby is fed up of going to docs..............

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Hi Jilly. I replied on your other thread in General. Hope you are feeling better



dont be daft, of course you are not being a nuiscence, you are allowed to be dead fed up having this pain in the but of a condition, i dont think most of us would be human if we didnt get fed up sometimes.

it sounds to me like your asthma is fairly well controlled as you are getting through most of the day before you a re needing to use your inhaler, what changes in the evening? is it you are just gettting tired towards the end of the day, or do you get up really early and by early evening your morning meds have worn off?

if you cannot pin point a reason have you tried increasing your morning symbicort? it may help if there is an asthma nurse in your gps to have a chat with her. also try taking multivits and extra zinc, it is great for boosting your immune system.

i hope this little bit of advise and reassurance is a bit comforting to you.

regards georgie x


have you recently swappped to simbicort or have you been on it for a while? only my son used to take pulmicort and serevent seperately. when they combined the two into simbicort his asthma symptoms got worse. migth be worth discussing with your gp if you can try the two seperate. My son is now back on the two and feeling much better. good luck


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