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42 steroids

hello all i hope we are all keeping as well as we can be. got 56 steroids 2 wks ago took them all and dint feel any better so Tuesday i went back to docs and she gave me 42 steroids and some antibiotics. thing is is 100 steroids in 4 wks good for you, i no i am not half as poorly as some of the people on here but i just feel so frustrated never been like this before, docs wont send me to hospital cos they say I'm not bad enough, what is bad enough and is this normal to feel so ill all the time. when i go to docs now its just hello Jillian chest bad again here's some steroids and antibiotics. sorry to moan but I'm feeling very tearful and fed up . have a good day all xxxxxxxxxx

Jillian xxxx

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hi jilly willy

I would ask your doc send you for tests and keep on at him.

I am under a consultant at the hosp but this was because was I in hosp for breathing problems

again and now under his care and my docs.

My doc gives me pred with infections,

Has your doc tried you on any other inhalers or add on treatments?

Pred and antibiotics do lower imune Glynis xxx


that's the problem now i have took that many of them and i catch everything that's going round, i work in a primary school so there's always something travelling. just feel so frustrated that they are just giving me these like smarties. not to worry I'm just another number i suppose. sorry for been a pain in bum but that's how i feel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Im like you Gilly willy,

work in a school and around lots of runny noses etc and bugs going around.

I had the swine flu jab and going have phumonia one also x.

Hope your doc can help you and try if you can bump up vit c xxx


Hi Jilly

So sorry you are feeling miserable. We all know how that feels. And sometimes when you see how bad lots of our forum friends are, it make the rest of us who are not as bad feel guilty for moaning. But we wll need to do it sometimes! When the asthma's bad it makes you feel low and preds can have that effect too.

What inhalers do you have? Perhaps they need to be changed? Really suggest you go back to the GP and explain how bad you feel. Sometimes we can put on a brave face even to the GP - which is a daft thing to do!!

Hope you feel better soon ....


i take a mulivitamin everyday is that any good or shall i get a vitamin c 1. xxxx



I would ask your doc if you can have anything to up your imune system

as work in a school and picking up everything.

Might also be good google vits up on vit C XXXX


i take montelukast at night, symbicort smart plan and Ventolin as and when i need them. i have been for my check up and asthma nurse who is no good at all said wait till this clears up and then see if you need to change inhalers, as i asked to have a look to changing them. thing is i never seem to be free of symptoms lately. SO fed and down in dumps. I'm sorry to be a pain but cant pick myself up this time and I'm piling weight on like mad and that's not helping.aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Have a look on google and type in , ""Asthma - research Diet & Lifestyle "" or copy and paste it to google xxx

realy good and mp me back if helpful for you xxxx


Vitamin Therapy & Asthma

Apart from the importance of diet in our general health and well-being, research is now confirming that specific nutrients and dietary practices are very much associated with asthma. For instance, a lack of vitamin A in babies has been shown to be related to increased susceptibility to bronchial problems(1).

hope this was ok to post for jillywilly xxxx

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Vitamin C & Asthma

According to researchers at the Pediatric Ambulatory Clinic, Rabin Medical centre, Vitamin C offers a protective effect for asthma sufferers who experience exercise-induced hyperactive airways.

20 asthma patients ( 13 men, 7 women) aged between 7-28 years and diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma, participated in the study. All of the patients underwent pulmonary tests and were then randomly assigned to receive 2g vitamin C or a placebo tablet. one hour before a 7-minute exercise on a treadmill. One week, later the same experiment was conducted, but this time the patient groups were reversed.

Whilst the vitamin C did not show pulmonary function tests at rest one hour after the exercise, nine of the patients experienced a protective effect after taking the vitamin C. Interestingly, the same protective effect was seen when the patients took only 0.5g vitamin C.

Cohen HA et al. Blocking effect of vitamin C in exercise-induced asthma, Arch ped Adolesc.Med. April 1997. 151;4:367-70


deleated post

I Found an artical on vit c for Jillywilly and posted it,but was not sure if was ok to do it

or even if worked to copy and paste as not done it before so did delete it after sending it by pm. xxxx

was a full page article so sent it by pm and not full article on here xxx


How many steriods are you taking per day?

I presume not all 42 at once?



i take six a day xxx


Glad the article was useful for you Love Glynis xxx


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