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peak flow

been to docs today as on weds it felt like someone had got their hands round my neck, but today it seems easier kept appt at docs anyway, doc didnt know what to make of it as my peak flow is still at 400 said it could be pollon butdidnt know, wants me to see nurse for check up on asthma, i have to keep a peak flow chart do i take readings before i take my inhalers or after i have took the inhalers. is anybody else having same kind of symptoms


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hi take your readings b4 using your inhalers. as for symptoms can sympathise at mo but mine feels tho got ellephants on chest. Also worth making note when you feel rough and if anything partictuar triggered it.


similar probs have been happening to me, but i think that could be some random tirade of viral infections, pfs have been theyre best ever but i feel rough as anything. was talking to an asthmatic friend who said it could be due to using parts of your lungs that havnt been used in a while and theyre a little rusty.

do you suffer from hayfever?

hope you get better soon


hi jill,

I had the exact same feeling last year and a little this year but not so bad. I had it a few years ago as well and just like you, peak flow didn't dip once. stayed in the mid 400's most of the time. I kept pestering dr's and i went from Symbicort 200/6 to becotide with serevent and the seretide (not all 3 together) and then back to the symbicort but up to the highest dose, 400/12, two puffs twice a day and it did the trick! Also had to start singulair and it was great and it was all caused by those nasty little pollen grains

hope that helps!

btw, i take my peak flow readings before inhalers, including my reliever.


x x


thanks for replys, i dont think i have hayfever but my chest does get very bad in summer, i have been taking my loritidine for a month now , will keep a diary of wt happens and wt i have been doing see if i can work something out , also have noticed that for last few month when i have my period my chest feels to get worse told doc that and he wasnt interested . GREAT



I do get similar symptoms. Sometimes my peak flow is affected, sometimes it isn't. What I have noticed is when I feel that tight banfd round my neck I have noticed my glands are also up. It is possibly allergies causing havoc and irritating your throat and glands more than your asthma.


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