bloodshot eye

just a quick question for you lovely people out there. i have got a bloodshot eye and i had one same eye back end of aug. i know that's nothing to worry about and i have phoned nhs direct up and they have said go and see a chemist tomorrow. but i was just wondering if anybody else had had same i recently started carbocisteine and theolopine tabs. anyone else had same probs with these tabs. xxxxx

Jill xxxxx

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  • unfortunatly not sorry! xx

  • do you take these tabs they are helping me so much as well xx

  • im taking the carbo the other just like the same as aminophylline coz im on that!


  • think they are same but not sure. nurse at nhs direct thinks it could be cos im coughing hard and ive not coughed much before xx

  • it could be...have you got a headach to or get pain in your head/eye when you cough...could be putting a lot of strian on your eyes espec if a little/ a lot congested!


  • i have got headache today but thats nowt owt of order for me always got headache. i suffer bad from pmt xx

  • maybe a bit of mixture then...pmt with headach and coughing...eyes i guess are rather sensitive and carry a lot of blood vessels which can easily bleed but recover as quick as they can also get blood shot eyes from being rather tired and rubbing eyes a lot


  • well i am tired and im always rubbing my eyes so theres not a lot of hope for me is there. im sure its fine but will pop to local chemist tomoz and see what they say xxxxx

  • yeah..maybe get some optrex tired eyes of one of the other amazingly good optrex you wear contact lenses!?


  • no i dont i wear glasses at least that one less thing i dont have to worry about xxxx

  • can rule out contact lenses irritation then haha!!

    itll be typical that you go to pharmacy tomorow and itll be like nothing was there, always the case


  • yeah you are probs right but will see in morn. xxx bloody silly eyes xxxx

  • if its not one thing its another...let us know how you get on


  • will do love xxx

  • Jilly, I've had a lot of problems with my eyes recently - started as itching and bloodshot and got worse. Got antibiotic drops from chemist, but they made it worse so I went to the doctor. Doctor gave me another antibiotic drops but problem still didnt clear up. Back to doctor and I'm now on steroid/antibiotic drops!

  • Hi Jill

    If it is just bloodshot it is probably nothing to be concerned about. If your eye is very red it could be a small burst blood vessel. This in itself is nothing to worry about, but it can be an indicator of high blood pressure. I had a repeated burst blood vessel in the same eye and when I eventually got my blood pressure checked it was a bit high - caused by the steroids. The potential high blood pressure is more of a concern than the eye itself, but can easily be treated.

  • A couple of years ago I opted to have the 'extra £10 scan' during an eye test - it showed a small haemorrhage in one eye so I was referred to my GP for testing for blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. etc. All tests came back normal/negative and my GP put it down to all the coughing I do during winter months/viruses. It sounds like your bloodshot eye might well be caused by the same.

  • My son has this and we got him to an eye specialist, its linked to his allergies. What happens is he gets a rash on the inside of his eyelid and this scratches the surface makig it bloodshot and itchy. The specialist said it was really important to get it treated quickly when it gets bloodshot as it can ulcerate your eye. he has predforte steriod drops for then, but as a preventative he uses opticrom and liquid tears as a lubricant. Doctors we pretty useless to be honest and we had to push to get to a consultant but glad we did. I should get checked out.

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